An analysis of characters in the diviners by libba ray

It's a fairly long book, but the pace is quick enough that it's a very fast read, and the plot is clean and straightforward enough to follow.

Who wants to watch? You have removed the slumber chains from the giant of old. The other characters are, for the most part, sharply and individually delineated.

That being said, the book hops from scene to scene and character to character so fast that is feels as though certain aspects weren't developed fully enough although the sequel coming out soon will probably resolve some of the loose ends. She had so many different voices which really was necessary considering how many characters she had to portray differently.

Essentially, that third person narrative keeps the narrative cohesive, but makes it a little less dynamic. Mary Lou was another of my favorite characters.

The Diviners

That being said, of course, all of the characters are very diverse and interesting, and Bray is very good about presenting their back stories in bits and pieces that keep the narrative flowing without pausing for pages of info dump. Beauty pageants, yes, but also commercialism, stereotypical ideas of beauty, government, and so much more.

Underneath is a frightened, fragile girl, still mourning the death of her big brother and wishing she could be enough for her parents. That one word is all you really need to know. The King of Crows[ edit ] He is arranging some master plan and appears in dreams.

The girl with the green eyes Ling [ edit ] She is only mentioned once in book one as the girl with the green eyes, but she is a key part of book two. The girls just learn a lot about themselves as individuals and they really learn to be comfortable with who they are and what they really want out of life.

The fact that it has taken me six years to read this is a complete travesty. Some flounder and some let their leadership take control and after many trials and tribulations, the girls finally figure out how to not only survive but to get along and make true friendships. Win win win except for being scared but if I managed to live through it, you will too.

Also, the source of the serum that turns Jericho into the "New Jericho. They are the superlative When you find an author that immerses you so deeply into an entirely new or foreign place or even a time period, that you begin to feel a sense of nostalgia for it….

You NEED to know they are going to be okay, you fall in love when they fall in love, you bleed when they bleed well, your heart does as least …. Her legs are paralyzed. But her strange power may be the secret to solving the murders. The homeless veteran[ edit ] Arthur[ edit ] He helps Mabel escape from a raid on a speakeasy.

I actually came to appreciate and care about many of their stories, but there did come a point where I felt like the book should have focused on a few less to not spread the readers so thin.

The Diviners Book Summary and Study Guide

The Proctor sisters[ edit ] They are two old ladies who kill cats and perform small 'magic' of sorts and occasionally giving warnings to Evie and Jericho. These mysteries are, of course, the driving heart of the novel but throughout, moments of light and hope and love pierce through the storm clouds, keeping the story from teetering too far into the unrelentingly sinister.

Underneath is a frightened, fragile girl, still mourning the death of her big brother and wishing she could be enough for her parents. And through it all, something dark is rising. Louis and Wae-Mae Dysfunction Junction: Left Me Wanting More: ChaCha which I had to look up how to spell since I read the audio haha.

There is no greater power on this earth than story. But The Diviners is much more than just about solving murder mysteries. I just found his whole character and everything to do with it entirely too ridiculous, past the point of satire and social commentary and hilarity. When a series of murders take place that bear several occult characteristics, Uncle Will is called on to assist in the investigation - and Evie, sniffing out adventure, inserts herself at his side.

You have barked up the Libba Bray knows just how to twist the knife to make it hurt oh so good and how to turn the screw to make it almost too stressful to bear. When her childhood best friend, already living in Manhattancalled saying she was looking for a roommate, Bray moved to New York.The Diviners is a young adult novel by Libba Bray.

Like her first hit series, the Gemma Doyle trilogy, The Diviners is a gothic historical novel and due for expansion into a series. Not to be confused with the novel of the same name by Margaret Laurence.

Libba Bray

The Diviners is a young adult novel by Libba Bray. The book was published on September 18, by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers and is set in New York City during the Libba Bray.

Libba Bray is an author of young adult novels, including A Great and Terrible Beauty, Rebel Angels, The Sweet Far Thing and Going Bovine.

Beauty Queens – Libba Bray

Her first novel, A Great and. The Diviners is one of the more classy young adult books in existence today because it's truly one of a kind. Being as chunky as the book is, it's fitting that the story encompasses so much from bloodied history to evisceration of evil to a very diverse set of characters/5().

The Diviners

The Diviners (The Diviners, #1) Published September 18th by Little, Brown and Company International Edition, Paperback, pages. Libba Bray Booklist Libba Bray Message Board Detailed plot synopsis reviews of The Diviners Evie O'Neill is a flapper in the yearwho just happens to have the ability to hold objects and find out the secrets of the people who own them.

An analysis of characters in the diviners by libba ray
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