Economic development of fata within pakistan

Jihad was declared against the British. On the other hand The processing of raw material at home curtails the import of goods and thereby helps in conserving foreign exchange. Corruption in education departments is one of the factors for the poor literacy in the country. The most recent coup took place in Octoberand toward the end of a general was still acting as the head of the government, although he has promised a democratic election for a new prime minister in the near future.

During Muharram, which is the first month of the Muslim calendar, the martyrdom of Imam Husain, the grandson of Muhammad, is commemorated. He didn't surrender to the government of Pakistan throughout his life.


Finally, Indonesia offers VOAs for nationals of 63 countries. Thar coal holds vital importance for generating thousands of megawatts of affordable electricity for decades to come. Large scope for Technological progress Industrialization provides larger scope for on the job-training and technological progress.

Islamabad also has a sports complex, art galleries, a museum of natural history, and four universities. Eating the meat is part of the festival celebration activity.

Pakistan and Afghanistan

The system of education includes all institutions that are involved in delivering formal education public and private, for-profit and nonprofit, onsite or virtual instruction and their faculties, students, physical infrastructure, resources and rules.

With the 18th constitutional amendment the concurrent list which comprised of 47 subjects was abolished and these subjects, including education, were transferred to federating units as a move towards provincial autonomy.

These errors directly affect the accuracy of database. Foreign visitors holding valid passport and visa will be allowed to enter and exit Myanmar through the Muse gate like Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw international airports.

There is the Jhoomer in Baluchistan, which involves spinning around at top speed, as men do on dark nights by the light of flickering torches. Efforts made to address this problem have often involved trying to find work for the parents.

As a result teachers are not regular and their time at school is not as productive as it would be with a well-trained teacher. In order to provide affordable electricity to the people of Pakistan, it is necessary that local resources should be further exploited and all such projects which are already in process should be facilitated and expedited, he added.

Economy of Pakistan

Maximum problems of industrial sector will be solved. Just as the costume worn by the performer identifies the tribe or ethnic group, so does the music or performance. Burma has already signed visa-free agreements with five of the 10 Asean members, but negotiations have still to be finalized with four other countries, including neighbor Thailand, said tourism federation secretary-general Kyi Thein Ko.

Pakistan is also home to Taxila, the oldest known university in the world. The income of worker in the industrial sector is therefore, higher than that of a worker in agricultural sector. As a result, the children do not have time to attend school. A Muslim marriage is seen as uniting the families of both the bride and groom, so the kin group is expanded after a marriage.

Indonesia Indonesia is a formidable raw-materials powerhouse and exports a vast amount of global resources and ingredients. Major factors that hinder enrolment rates of girls include poverty, cultural constraints, illiteracy of parents and parental concerns about safety and mobility of their daughters.

Girls' Education Unlocks Future Potential in Pakistan's Balochistan Province

Design level, Implementation level and due to time factor. The second approach is to get education for the sake of personal development and learning.

Hindu Kush Himalayan Region

On a scroll beneath the wreath is written in Urdu "Faith, Unity, Discipline.Asean Visa, Travel and Tour Information. Myanmar Visa, Thai Visa, Cambodia Visa, Lao Visa, Indonesia Visa, Philippines Visa, Singapore Visa, Malaysia Visa, Brunei.

The World Bank Group works in every major area of development. We provide a wide array of financial products and technical assistance, and we help countries share and apply innovative knowledge and solutions to the challenges they face.


Alternative Names While the official name of the nation is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, generally the country has been referred to as Pakistan since Hindu Kush Himalayan Region. The Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region extends 3, km over all or part of eight countries from Afghanistan in the west to Myanmar in the east.

The Promoting Girls’ Education in Balochistan Project (PGEB) has brought almost 39, children into school including 33, girls across Balochistan province in Pakistan. Introduction. It is mandated in the Constitution of Pakistan to provide free and compulsory education to all children between the ages of years and enhance adult literacy.

Economic development of fata within pakistan
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