Metabical positioning and communications strategy for a new weight loss drug essay

Eventually Metabical is being presented as brand-new weight-loss option which is approved by FDA and endorsed by physicians. As the magazine ads roll out, the social networking phase would begin as well: Additionally, doctors and other health providers will be asked since their medical knowledge is more reliable than of non-medical experts.

Taking weight-loss pills has a certain connotation to it that might cause potential customers to have an aversion to the product. Metabical has fewer negative side effects than current weight loss drugs. This includes lifestyles, interests and opinions towards certain issues e. Having this information, the basis for an effective marketing plan will be the right positioning of the drug.

The data needs to contain reliable facts and provide evidence of actual weight loss and beneficial health effect so the practitioner will be able to confidently prescribe the product.

Positioning and Communications Strategy for a New Weight Loss Drug

Addressed questions in case study solution: Therefore, the effect of the pull marketing was tremendously positive for the pharmaceutical industry. Starting with print advertising, pamphlets as well as medical and other health related magazines will be used to place articles and other necessary information about the pill in order to create initial awareness.

In this case the alternatives are Alli and Xenical. Which communication program do you propose, that is, how would you deploy promotional mix elements to advocate Metabical in the prelaunch, launch, and post-launch phases?

The research indicated that, unlike other weight loss drugs out at the time, there would be fewer side effects to deal with that other products typically induced including: Other decision makersare medical professionals such as general practitioners.

Metabical Marketing Positioning Strategy Essay Sample

If the company were to send sales representatives to doctors offices around the country, they could mention that their drug is one of the few FDA-approved weight loss drugs with clinical results to back up weight-loss claims[4].

It can only be obtained over prescription which makes it again different to other weight-loss supplements. Additionally it is important to ensure that the FDA approval is also communicated to the target market so that the record is set straight and no initial concerns are likely to arise.

However, not every attempt was successful. One factor would be the simplicity of taking the drug as compared to its competitive products. Of course other demographics will also buy and test the product, which is important especially in the introductory phase, where many kinds of customers are attracted, so this might still call for some amendments of the product.Questions for the Harvard case “Metabical: Pricing, Packaging, and Demand Forecasting for a New Weight-Loss Drug” For March 20, write responses to the following questions for the Metabical case.

Building awareness of METABICAL, the weight-loss drug – a new product of CSP oSuccessful with initial consumers (a successful product launch) optimal STP, success marketing communication oRecoup the massive investment oLong-term, steady demand5/5(1).

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Metabical Marketing Positioning Strategy Essays Words | 8 Pages. Ina marketing and positioning strategy was needed for Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceutical’s (CSP) new weight loss drug called Metabical. Communications strategy Metabical needs to be communicated to two target audiences, end users and health care providers who write the prescriptions for the drug.

As already discussed, the target market consists of overweight females between the age of 25 and Positioning Statement Choices Because of it had approved by FDA as a safe drugs with prescription and suggested by clinical researches. For men and women who concern about their over weight Which gives the most dramatic weight-loss, safe drugs and helping you to make a healthy life Metabical is a weight-loss drug with prescription that only.

Metabical positioning and communications strategy for a new weight loss drug essay
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